Every woman is fearfully and wonderfully made.

These beautiful images are of real women. I believe in celebrating every kind of body and embracing all curves, colors, and shapes that make us unique. 

My life’s passion in boudoir photography stems from the pure joy I experience when my clients see their images for the first time. 

When she sees for herself just how stunningly beautiful she truly is. It can be such a wonderful life-changing, soul-filling realization!

When you book a shoot with me, we will take an exciting journey of self-discovery, connecting and embracing your feminine power (while laughing a lot along the way!).

And at the end of our adventure, you’ll have gorgeous, timeless photos that will remind you of the powerful, beautiful, confident, and bold woman you are. 

Real | Authentic | Beautiful

Celebrate You

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I just celebrated my 42nd birthday and during this last few year I realized that I seem to of lost myself along the way. Prior to COVID, I attend a Boudoir Master Mind workshop in Nashville, TN in February 2020. I was with a group of ladies wanting to take their businesses further in the year to come. It was so much fun and I was able to reconnect with myself as a woman and not just a wife and mother. I was already on a mission to change my health and accept the silver that was growing in my hair.....

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hey beautiful

- Nati L.

"Wow let me tell you I was blow away at the pics april took of me. She made me fell so comfortable and was so professional. Everyone that has seen the pics says how incredible I look. Thanks april ♡"

- melissa + david

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- angela + tom

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Girl, you already have what it takes!

-the Kind Initiative

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